Product Recalls

What is a product recall?

A recall is defined as an action executed by a manufacturer at any time to remove a defective or harmful product from the market when it is discovered to be in violation of laws and regulations administered by our regulatory authorities.

Recalls may be conducted as a voluntary action by the manufacturer or supplier, by request from regulatory authorities, or by a legal mandate.

Why are product recalls important?

Medication may be recalled for an assortment of reasons including safety, mislabeling, contamination, and deviations in strength or potency.

A product recall is the most effective means of protecting the public from a defective or potentially harmful product.

How are we working with regulatory authorities to facilitate product recalls?

Product recalls happen routinely, and we would like to play our role in implementing measures to ensure that these recalls are handled properly and promptly, including alerting the public and safely removing the affected product from the market.